Employers suck

I’ve been let go from a job for my mental health issues, even though they were aware of them for most part. I tried to follow what they asked me to do, but in the end, they didn’t like my behaviour and let me go, without actually even telling me what I did wrong.

I’m currently pending an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) assessment, but the GP waiting times are INCREDIBLY long, they’re over a year long, which sucks. I’m gonna let employers know about this in the future, so they’re aware that I struggle with my mental health and social skills.

I worked for a startup, so I don’t blame them for not having any proper evaluation procedures for people with neurodiversity or other external issues. I know I could probably sue them for an unfair dismissal, but I don’t want to create issues for them, they’re good people creating an amazing product, and I just wish them all the best.

Anyway, shit happens, and this is just my experience. It’s a learning opportunity, right?

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